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Mythic Plus Boost

Mythic Plus is a famous new addition to World of Warcraft Legion, which replaced Challenge Mode of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. Unlike challenge mode, in mythic + as a reward for completing a dungeon, wow players had the opportunity to receive gear items as a reward (in challenge mode - only cosmetic items).

With the advent of the dungeons WoW Mythic, for the competition among the players, the Mythic Dungeon International was introduced. This is a competition where the best teams from all over the world will be able to measure their strength in the fight for a big cash prize. The winners of the MDI from 2018 to 2021 were teams from the European realm.

Mythic dungeons carry is the easiest way to farm gear. As the complexity of WoW mythic dungeons increases, so does the demand for mythic dungeon boost. Currently, a lot of teams provide WoW mythic boost services. Kraken Boost service quality is one of the best among all other Mythic Carry Services.

What is Mythic Plus?

Since the heroic difficulty in dungeons has become boring to players, Blizzard developers decided to introduce the mythic difficulty, as in the raids. Later, to increase the difficulty, the so-called "Mythic keystone" or “Keys” were introduced, which gradually increased the difficulty of the dungeon.

How to get the Mythic Keystone?

To get their first key, the player just needs to go through the Mythic dungeon (Normal Mythic, Mythic +0, M0) as a group member, and take the key from the chest with rewards. The first key will always be +2 difficulty. The mythic keys will be personal for each character.

If you completed Mythic + Dungeon this week, you will receive the Mythic key from the weekly Great Vault in Oribos, one level lower than the dungeon you completed the previous week.

How to start a dungeon with Mythic+ Mode?

To use Mythic Keystone, you need to get to the dungeon, which is indicated on the key, and put the keystone from your bag into the Font of Power. After activating the keystone, the dungeon will update and you will have 10 seconds to start the mythic challenge.

Completing a Mythic Plus Dungeon

Each dungeon has its own time to complete. To complete the dungeon, you need to fill the add kill meter in the late meld by 100%, and kill all the bosses. You can complete a dungeon on a timer and not on a timer.

The following options for completing the dungeon are possible:

- If you could not complete the dungeon, even when the time is up, then when you exit the dungeon, the level of the Mythic keystone will decrease by 1;

- If you started a dungeon and decided to upgrade it for any reason, the Mythic Keystone level will decrease by 1;

- If you finished the mythical dungeon, but did not make the timer, then you will receive a reward, and a new key, without changing the difficulty level;

- If you finished a mythical dungeon in the timer, leaving time in stock, then you will upgrade your keystone +1 (in minimal time), +2 (more than 20% but less than 40% time to spare), +3 (more than 40% time to spare).

All information about the passage will be available in the window after the completion of the dungeon.

Mythic Plus in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Shadowlands Mythic Dungeon Affixes

Affixes are modifiers that increase the difficulty of Mythic + dungeons.

Different combinations occur every week, with the combinations eventually repeating on a set schedule.

1 week: Fortified, Bursting, Storming, Tormented

2 week: Tyrannical, Raging, Volcanic, Tormented

3 week: Fortified, Inspiring, Grievous, Tormented

4 week: Tyrannical, Spiteful, Necrotic, Tormented

5 week: Fortified, Bolstering, Quaking, Tormented

6 week: Tyrannical, Sanguine, Storming, Tormented

7 week: Fortified, Raging, Explosive, Tormented

8 week: Tyrannical, Bursting, Volcanic, Tormented

9 week: Fortified, Spiteful, Grievous, Tormented

10 week: Tyrannical, Inspiring, Quaking, Tormented

11 week: Fortified, Sanguine, Necrotic, Tormented

12 week: Tyrannical, Bolstering, Explosive, Tormented

In addition, in the Mythic Season 2 in Shadowlands, a new affix was added by the developers of blizzard entertainment: Tormented. With this affix, 4 strong elite mobs - lieutenants - appear in the dungeon. When you kill a lieutenant, you get an Anima Power. For every lieutenant still up when the last boss is pulled, it will apply an aura that will make the final boss harder

Mythic+ Dungeons and Timers

1. De Other Side - 43:00

2. Halls of Atonement - 32:00

3. Mists of Tirna Scithe - 30:00

4. Plaguefall - 38:00

5. Sanguine Depths - 41:00

6. Spires of Ascension - 39:00

7. The Necrotic Wake - 36:00

8. Theater of Pain - 38:00

Mythic+ Legion Timewalking

During the Legion Timewalking event, players have access to Legion dungeons on Mythic + difficulty. Players need to talk to Ta'hsup. He will give you Timeworn Keystone, which will unlock Legion Mythic + Dungeons.

Available Mythic+ Legion Dungeons:

- Black Rook Hold;

- Court of Stars;

- Darkheart Thicket;

- Eye of Azshara;

- Neltharion's Lair;

- Vault of the Wardens.

Mythic Score in WoW Mythic Dungeons

In patch 9.1. Blizzard's Developers Introduce a New Rating System for Mythic plus Dungeons - Blizzard's Mythic + Rating. This is a slightly simplified version of the Raider.IO rating system.

The rating is awarded for completing the highest level dungeon and increases linearly. The accrued rating is not account-wide.

Your rating increases as a result of the following:

- each time you run a dungeon you haven't;

- completed before completing a dungeon at a higher keystone level than your previous best

- beat your best time in a dungeon you've already completed.

Loot from Mythic Dungeons in Shadowlands

After completing the Mythic Keystone dungeon, you will get two types of loot: chest at the end of the dungeon, and Great Vault. The level of loot obtained for the Mythic Keystone increases in proportion to the increase in the complexity of the Mythic key.

Mythic Key # / End of Dungeon Loot / Weekly Chest Loot

Mythic +2 / 210 / 226

Mythic +3 / 213 /226

Mythic +4 / 216 / 226

Mythic +5 / 220 / 229

Mythic +6 / 223 / 229

Mythic +7 / 223 / 233

Mythic +8 / 226 / 236

Mythic +9 / 226 / 236

Mythic +10 / 229 / 239

Mythic +11 / 229 / 242

Mythic +12 / 233 / 246

Mythic +13 / 233 / 246

Mythic +14 / 236 / 249

Mythic +15 / 236 / 252

Upgrading Gear from Mythic Dungeons in WoW Shadowlands

In Patch 9.0.5, Blizzard's developers added Valor to the game. You can use it to increase the power of items from Mythic dungeons.

Valor points for upgrading gear:

- Off-hand, Wrists, Necklace, Cloak, Rings - 250 Valor per Upgrade

- Trinkets, Boots, Gloves, Shoulders, Belts - 400 Valor per Upgrade

- Helms, Chests, Legs - 475 Valor per Upgrade

- One-handed weapon (Agility, Strength), Shields - 500 Valor per Upgrade

- One-handed weapon (Intellect) - 750 Valor per Upgrade

- Two-handed weapon - 1000 Valor per Upgrade

Requirements for upgrading gear:

- to 226 ilvl (Rank 6) or lower requires no achievement;

- to 229 ilvl (Rank 7) requires a Mythic+ rating of 600;

- to 233 ilvl (Rank 8) requires a Mythic+ rating of 1000;

- to 236 ilvl (Rank 9) requires a Mythic+ rating of 1200;

- to 239 ilvl (Rank 10) requires a Mythic+ rating of 1400;

- to 242 ilvl (Rank 11) requires a Mythic+ rating of 1700;

- to 246 ilvl (Rank 12) requires a Mythic+ rating of 2000.

Portals in WoW Shadowlands Mythic Dungeons

During the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria, the Challenge Mode system was introduced, for completing which heroes were rewarded with dungeon portals. Similar portals are given as a reward for completing the mythic +20 key level dungeon in Shadowlands expansion. The portal's cooldown is 8 hours and is reset if you have completed this dungeon in mythic plus difficulty.

- Keystone Hero: De Other Side

- Keystone Hero: Halls of Atonement

- Keystone Hero: Mists of Tirna Scithe

- Keystone Hero: Plaguefall

- Keystone Hero: Sanguine Depths

- Keystone Hero: Spires of Ascension

- Keystone Hero: The Necrotic Wake

- Keystone Hero: Theater of Pain

Options of Mythic Dungeon Boosts:

- Choose Specific Dungeons

- Choose Specific Keys


- Self play (you play your character)

- Pilot / Account sharing (professional player from KrakenBoost play your character)


- Boost with Personal Loot (you will receive only those items that drop for your character)

- Boost with Traders (1-4 loot traders, who will transfer all the items that they get from the boss. Just say to the support team what armor type do you need)


Rewards for WoW Mythic Dungeons Complete:

- 135 Valor points (is no difference what key finished);

- 0-1 items from the chest at the end of the dungeon with 210-236 items (Depending on the difficulty of the Mythic Keystone);

- 1 item guaranteed from Great Vault 226-252 (Depending on the difficulty of the WoW Mythic Dungeon);

- Chance to get Conduits and Upgrades for Covenant Soulbinds;

- Some Reservoir Anima from the dungeon;

- Special Achievements for Mythic+ Dungeons - Keystone Initiate, Keystone Challenger, Keystone Conqueror, Keystone Master (you will get Soultwisted Deathwalker for this achievement).


What needs to be done for 1/2/3 rewards to choose from in the Great Vault?

To do this, you need to complete 1/4/10 Mythic + Dungeons.

If I get 2000+ Blizzard's Mythic Rating on my main character, will I be able to upgrade items on my alt character?

No, like PVP-rating, this rating is not account-wide. You need to earn a rating on your alt to be able to upgrade his gear.

How to properly prepare for the passage of Mythic + Dungeon?

Great question. Each group values ​​players who are smart about preparing their character. To do this, you should stock up on food, flasks, potions, repair things (or even better - have a repair mount, Jeeves, Reeves), drums, invisibility potions. But no matter how well you are prepared, you may not be accepted into the group - peoples always want to invite random players that have more scores than themselves.

How to choose the right group?

As a rule, the composition of any group is Tank, Healer, x3 DPS. But some players replace tank or healer for 1 more DPS. You should not do this if your level of play is not high enough. This is usually done by the most advanced players who are not playing for the result. Also, pay attention to the affixes when choosing a group. If you can't get a group together, just buy a mythic boost from Kraken Boost.

If I closed the +7, +12, and +15 keys this week, what weekly reward I receive from the Great Vault?

You will receive only 1 item of level 252 from the Great Vault. Plus, you get Mythic Keystone +14.

Can you give advise for a first-time purchaser of mythic dungeons boost?

The most important requirement is that you have a level 60 character on your WoW Shadowlands account. If you buy wow mythic boost in self play option, don't write anything regarding your purchase, boosting services, carry service, loot traders, etc in the game chat. You need to follow the Party / Raid leader's commands, and all will be good. For more details, you can always ask our support team.

I want to get a new Soultwisted Deathwalker mount. How can I get it?

To get this mount you need to complete achievement Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two. One of the ways to obtain this achievement, you need to do all timed runs to all eight dungeons +15 or higher keys with Fortified and Tyrannical affixes. Buy WoW mythic carry from Kraken Boost and get Soultwisted Deathwalker in a short time!


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